Sunday, January 29, 2006

Silly Animals...Another Round Robin Promotion

"Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions, they pass no judgments."

-George Eliot

If I could own one exotic animal, it would more then likely be a monkey...or a baboon...or gorilla. LOL. Something like this little guy. His name is Gung-Mo and he is skating in a promotional event for the 2006 Animal Academy show, held in Seoul, Korea. :) Animals are so important to me, I hate reading about any kind of animal abuse in the news. Why aren't there tougher laws to protect our animal friends? A few months back there was a local story here in the Bay Area about someone who found it necessary one night, to run down 6 ducks and their babies which lived on the property of a car wash in San Jose, California.

I haven't heard if anyone has been caught or charged in the case. Unfortunately there are simply too many stories, like this one, each year. Sometimes I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Elvis's love and friendship. The last few years have been so difficult at times, yet there he was my constant companion even when all my human friends had run the other way. No judgments, no expecting me to be someone I wasn't. Just his mommy. :) Today, he came up beside me as I was reading and just laid his head on my arm as I read. It was a nice moment, and it made me feel like a success. Animals, particularly cats, don't have to like anyone, let alone love them. And like a good friend once told me, you haven't been ignored until you have been ignored by a cat. LOL. OMG how true!

I think it is pretty cool that we have some bloggers who celebrate animals. We have Steven and his "Feline Friday", Jennifer, who won the ViVi Award for authoring the "Best Pets Journal" for 2005, and Patrick and his canine pals, and many others who share small snipits of their time with their puppies and kitties. I think it will be fun this coming week when we do the next installment of the Round Robins,to see what "silly animals" photos we all come up with. If you want to play along, just remember that it doesn't necessarily have to be a pet. But it does have to be your original photograph. So, if you were at the zoo, or the circus, and saw an animal being silly, feel free to post it. I will look forward to seeing something amusing from the animal kingdom! :) Click the link below to get all the details about next Wednesday's Round Robin. Don't forget to check back to the Round Robin journal on Thursday, of next week, to find out the topic for our next challenge. See you then...

"Wanted: Duck Killer" SF Gate

Round Robin Challenges


Dave said...

My mom was kind of an activist for animal rights as I grew up, and so I've inherited a similar disdain for those who mistreat those helpless co-inhabitants of our planet.

This world and the animals which live here with us were entrusted to us to take care of. I think we do a really poor job sometimes.

And, yes, I have been ignored by a cat...

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I've been thinking about finding a Silly Animal for Wednesday other than my Tuffy. We'll see! - K

Patrick said...

I have one or two pieces that might work. I'll post after midnight at my new photo blog, "Patrick's Portfolio."

The address is:

See you there!


Celeste said...

I always said if you want to know how to propertly ignore someone watch a cat! Pure love comes from them too.