Thursday, January 26, 2006

Missing Pam

"Friends are the family we choose to give ourselves."

-Edna Buchanan

I am worried tonight, as I sit here typing this. It has been nearly a month since Pam, author of the journal, "One Girl's Head Noise UK, " and the winner of two, 2005, Journal Land "ViVi" Awards, has updated her journal. As most of you know, Pam was diagnosed, this past June, with Lung Cancer. Since she found out the news, she has kept us updated at least once a week with her progress. Her fight has been a brave one, but I could tell by her last couple entries that she was needing help and strength more then ever. So, I want to believe that she is simply taking a step back, to gain some strength, and that in a few days, she will post an update, and give us all a smile by posting a new picture. Pam is a sweet lady, she is my good friend...and I am worried. I was lucky enough to be able to speak with her on the phone last summer, several times, and I wasn't at all surprised to find out that she sounded on the phone, exactly the way I always thought she would. Like an young, beautiful girl. Pam, I miss you...I am going to send you a snail mail letter later this week. So, for now, I will just say...TTYS. :)
Update: Holly has left me a comment that Pam's journal has been updated by her sister Nancy. Thank you Holly for letting us know!
"Love Is"
Apple Farm
San Luis Obispo, California
June 29th, 2005
Late Morning


Karen Funk Blocher said...

I don't know Pam, but it's a tough situation. Years ago, I had a friend with leukemia. She was right here in town, so I was able to keep in touch with her. Our friendship actually grew over the year and a half or so before she died. I treasure those early evenings in her hospital room, not because I was doing anything noble or anything, but because Shiori was great to be around,even in those extreme circumstances. Sounds as though Pam is like that, too. I'll say a prayer.... - K.

Laura said...

i'm with you...i am so worried. pam and i have "talked" a few times and discovered our eery closeness when I lived in her neck of the woods. she has been receiving her treatments in my old workplace. I wish I was still there so I could say Hippa be damned and just cyheck to see if she is okay.
If you hear from her, let us know asap.
until then I am praying for her.

emmapeelDallas said...


I'm so worried about her too; we all are. Please let us know if you hear anything.


Solitary Dancer said...

I will keep Pam in my prayers. Please let us know if you hear from her.


V said...

Aww, Carly. Pam hasn`t posted this year. I have been stopping every couple of days. I hope that we hear from Pam or her family soon.

Anonymous said...

Pam's sister updated us via a comment yesterday. Check out her journal for the info.