Friday, January 20, 2006

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #95: The Best Money You Ever Spent

"Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you, and scorn in the one ahead."

-Mac McCleary

Weekend Assignment #95: The best money you ever spent. Welcome to the first of five journaler-suggested Weekend Assignments, leading up to the 100th Weekend Assignment a few weeks from now. This week's special Weekend Assignment was suggested by Teeisme57:

"My ex-husband always said the best 10 bucks he ever spent was buying his dog, Ace, from the local animal shelter. What's the best money you've ever spent? Whether it's something you love, something you use all the time or something that doesn't owe you a nickel, what is it?"

Extra Credit: Aside from food, what's the next purchase you plan to make?

-John Scalzi

In 1998 it became real apparent that we were going to have to make a new car purchase. Ugg. I have a difficult time buying things like new cars, because I get hopelessly, emotionally attached to inanimate objects...especially cars. Cars do so much for us. They take us to work, to school, and sometimes they take us to profound moments in our lives such as births and funerals. Yep, in good times and in bad, a car is a place of comfort and a shield when we have to travel in fierce weather. So, imagine how completely displaced I felt when not only did we end up having to replace Alan's car, but my car as well.

Off we drove to the Saturn dealership. He was wanting a slightly bigger car then he had been driving, so he chose a Saturn wagon. A week later I chose this Saturn, a 1999 SL1. We have been extremely happy with our cars. They have never given us a moment of grief and have already lasted 2 years longer then the cars they replaced. They were moderately priced and worth every cent. I love my car, Angelica, and when the day comes that I will have to put send her to live on a farm, I will be a mess. She is a friend, she was there the day I went nuts, and then she was there later to drive me home. ;)

Extra Credit: We are thinking about buying a new Bakers rack for our kitchen.

Land's End
San Francisco, California
March, 2005
Late Afternoon


Karen Funk Blocher said...

I thought about my Saturn in connection with this assignment, but it didn't quite qualify, especially since it was totaled almost a year ago. I'm glad yours has fared better!


Gaboatman said...

I hope you have as much luck with your choice of a baker's rack as you had when you chose your cars. My special car was a 1985 Dodge Caravan. I kept that car for thirteen years and over 330,000 miles. It was hard to part with, but it finally died and I had no choice but to move on.