Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Art About Town...Sacramento

"The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions which have been hidden."

-James Arthur Baldwin

This past October, I went to Nevada for the first out of state getaway in almost 8 years. On the way we decided to stop in Sacramento to take some photographs of some of the public art displays about town. Sacramento has a lot of open art exhibits. One of the best places to visit is the Capitol Park, which surrounds the Capitol Building. The park is 40 acres filled with trees from around the world, a fantastic rose garden that fills the air with it's spicy, sweet scent, and of course art. Among some of the most poignant of the statues, is the Vietnam memorial which engraved with the names of Californians either killed or missing in action in Vietnam. The California Veteran's Memorial is dedicated to California soldiers who served from the Mexican-American war to the Persian Gulf war. Especially poignant is is the statue of a mother embracing a child with the words printed beneath it on a tiny plaque which reads..."We Honor Those Who Also Sacrificed."Of all the statues that I photographed that day, that is the one I think about the most.

"Art In Sacramento"
Late October, 2005
Early Afternoon


Karen Funk Blocher said...

I like tge statues, but I'm intrigued by that capital dome. Unusual, that black dome! - Karen

Phinney said...

Must be a lovely place to visit. that mother and child statue is certainly something. xoxo

Dave said...

I love things like remind us of what others have sacrificed for us. Several years ago, on my first visit to Washington D.C., I walked the entire length of the Vietnam memorial. The number of names on that wall never truly sink in until you've walked it. Amazing. The statue of the mother embracing her child has a similar impact on me.

Hope you had a blessed day!

Globetrotter said...

Hi Carly,

You are so much like me! I went to St. Augustine in October and had a wonderful time. Yet I still have not gotten around to writing about my trip in my journal. Your pictures are wonderful, as always.

Re: the mother and soldier...

I was holding up some hope that the Dems would put some pressure on Dubya to bring the troops home after Murtha's speech recently.

Unfortunately, they are all spineless, IMHO.

I cannot endure the thoughts of these poor soldiers over there in 122 degree heat and away from their families during the holidays so the Iraqis can have some sort of democratic gov't tied to Shiite leaders.

Nevertheless, people seem fine with it since dear Dubya's poll numbers are once again rising.

Go figure.

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Take care,

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Tilly said...

Hi Carly,

What a moving statue the Mother and Child is...It took me aback with it's poignancy.

Changing subject drastically.. my quirky 5 is ready for your perusal! (Don't know how to link)

Tilly xx