Thursday, November 17, 2005

Smiles Everyone Smiles

Hi Everyone

And welcome to the new home of Ellipsis. I decided to change the name of my journal because I wanted to honor the memories I had of the journal I kept on AOL. That journal was and is important to me, so since I have found myself suddenly in a new home, I thought a new name might make this new start a little nicer. Over the next week or so I will become more and more familiar with the Blogspot software, so just bear with me while I find my way. Please scroll down and read my previsou entries, and let me know if you have come by for a visit. Please leave me your new journal address ifyou are an AOL refugee. I want to keep in contact. Thanks for coming by.



Gannet Girl said...

Please come over and visit what used to be Midlife Matters by oceanmrc:

IndigoSunMoon said...

Thanks for the email Carly! So glad I found you!

Kat said...

I love the new look of your journal. Thanks for emailing me your new address.
Love Kat

Monica said...

::sigh:: it's so sad our community is breaking up. However, we grow from things like this, right? Love the new look. Thanks for the e-mail update.


Trish said... you are. Thanks for keeping us informed lovely one. I will add your link to my AOL-J Refugees list.

Much love!

Spencer said...

Big sigh of relief. Siiiiiiigh.


Anna said...

Oh Carly!!! Your new place is SO VERY LOVELY!! You are a woman of endless class and style.

love, anna

PENNY said...

It's really lovely, Carly, but I miss you . . .Blessings, Penny

Buddhagem said...


Boy it just seems weird with everyone leaving J-land. I hope I'm able to find everybody once they find their new homes. I'm sticking with my AOL blog still. Hope you can stop by once in a while.


Steven said...

I kept my name. I've always had the sometimes thing. A good name is a good name no matter what the URL :-)

Shelly said...

Looking good. If you have any Blogger questions, just ask and I'll happily try to answer them. Welcome to Blogger. It can get addicting, especially when you discover all the fun things you can do here. :)

ShesTime said...

I've visited your journal many times at AOL. Glad to catch up with you here. I moved to