Friday, November 18, 2005

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #86: Thankfully Remembered

"Forever on Thanksgiving Day, the heart will find a pathway home."

-Wilbur Nesbit

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #86: Who are you thankful for? This is a chance to tell us about the people you care about who will be far away from you this holiday, or who have passed on but remain in your heart.

Extra Credit: Pumpkin pie vs. Pecan pie...which do you choose for Thanksgiving dinner?

-John Scalzi

I am most thankful this Thanksgiving season for the amazing friendships I have made in the time I have been blogging on the Internet, and in particular when I was on AOL. So many amazing , and talented people came my way. I have made friendships that I know will stand the test of time. Vivian, Annalisa, Robbie, Andrea, Natalie, Sam, Judi, Kat, Phinney, Pam and of course my two rocks, the two people I know I can depend on the most to be there when I need them, Steven & Karen.

I don't live close to my dear journal friends, and I have never met them face to face, but somehow I think if I were walking in a crowd of strangers, I would be still be able to recognize them. My friend's have souls that are so full of light that I feel certain I would recognize them anywhere. That's another thing about getting to know someone by reading their get to meet them from the inside out. All the superficial nonsense is put aside.

I am also very thankful for these Weekend Assignments John Scalzi prepares for us to participate in. I have learned a lot from them...I enjoy them very much. That was something I wasn't willing to give up when I made the decision to leave AOL. John puts a lot of work into these assignments, and I get a lot from them. It is truly a symbiotic endeavor. I email John to ask if I can still participate in them and he sent back a very kind email letting me know that these assignments are open to everyone, AOL member or not. If you haven't tried one of his Weekend Assignments or the Monday Photo Shoot...Consider doing them. All are welcome and besides...They are FUN!

Extra Credit: LOL. It's funny because this Thanksgiving we are having a very special Pumpkin Pecan pie that can only be found here in the Bay Area! :) So I guess to answer the question asked...BOTH! :)

"The Soul Of A Pie"
Half Moon Bay, California
October 23rd, 2005


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Right back atcha, Carly:

P.S. I like the photo a lot! :)

Gaboatman said...

You have become a good friend and I'd foloow your blog anywhere. Thanks for the link and I'll be paying up on my bet with you soon.

V said...

Hi Carly!
Sounds like you have met some great friends at AOL!


Monponsett said...

If Godzilla walked through that pumpkin patch, you'd have enough squash to feed everyone in Desert Storm II.... on both sides.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I like your new spot. someone sent me the address to make an AOL journal in the UK journals without the ads which I may try later. Which I believe AOL will hit later there also. Here is the address if you want ot look into it. Helen

Kat said...

Hi Carly,
This is such a nice entry. I am sure I speak for everyone who knows you from journal land feels the same way about you.

GypsyPaths said...

Thanks for letting me know about your new journal here! I enjoy reading it. Love the punkin patch photo :)

Phinney said...

Pumpkin Pie!!!!

but yours sounds great also!

I love you too, my friend for life!!! xo Phinney

Anna said...

AWWWWWWW!!!! Sweet, sweet entry! :-) I have a huge smile on my face, chick. I love you too!!

Gorgeous photo, as usual!!! It compliments the colors of your journal very well!

redsneakz said...

I prefer the J-land that used to be to the blogosphere that we inhabit now.


I'm glad to have re-found you.


MariesImages said...

Your Journal looks great. I lost your email with your new Journal address. I found it thru Karen's Journal. She kindly explained how to add these links to my Blogspot. So today I've been adding all the NEW Journal links to both Journals.
Will you be doing the round robin again?