Monday, March 28, 2011

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #117: Historical Places

"If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday."

-Pearl S. Buck

I am a history buff! I love visiting places of HISTORICAL INTEREST. Here you see a picture of Alcatraz Island which used to be the home of Alcatraz Prison. It fascinates me, and captures my attention whenever I cross the bay, but, alas, I haven't actually been on the island there yet. Sometime I must play tourist and actually land on the THE ROCK. Now, I want to see the areas of HISTORICAL INTEREST in your area!

Extra Credit: Tell us, in a couple paragraphs, why you chose the particular PLACE OF HISTORICAL INTEREST!

Guidelines for Assignment Submissions...

1.The EMPS closes each Sunday evening at 9:00 PM (ET). No submissions will be accepted after that time.

2. Submit your entry by getting your photo, uploading it to you blog or website, and then comeback here and leave me your link in the comment thread. PLEASE REMEMBER... THE LINK YOU LEAVE MUST GO BACK TO AN ENTRY WHICH IS SPECIFIC TO THIS WEEK'S ASSIGNMENT! A general link to your site will not do and will not be added to the list of those participating the following Monday. HYPERLINKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED!

3. Please be sure to provide a link back to the assignment in your submission, so your readers can find the assignment and join us. Everyone is welcome to play along!

4. Please keep in mind that the image you submit for the EMPS assignment, must be your own original photography. NO LIFTING!

Please Note: I have set aside two days during the week for visiting your submissions. Thursday and Sunday, so look for me then!

Participation List for EMPS#116: Cold Beverages 03/21/11





Nicely done this week everyone! I will be looking forward to seeing your entries for this week's assignment! See you next Monday! :)



Karen Funk Blocher said...

Rather than risk not getting to this, I've dipped into my archives for previously unblogged photos of historic Tucson places:

Maybe I'll be able to get out for new photos of old places, but don;t count on it! ;)

Jama said...

Just posted the historical site in my blog:

Greg said...

Hey Carly, I've got an entry for you this week. Since its been a while, I've taken the liberty to post two pictures. Hope you enjoy.


Scrabblequeen said...

Finally posted


Btw, I've on The Rock twice...years apart, and had two very differnt, but both good, tours. Go!