Monday, May 03, 2010

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #88: Upside Down

"Laughter is but a frown turned upside down."


EMPS # 88: Upside Down. NOW CLOSED!
Here is an easy assignment. Simply find something that is UPSIDE DOWN and photograph it. It's all up to you what the object is. Big. Small. Old. New. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Extra Credit: Show me a collage of different UPSIDE DOWN objects.


This Monday Photo Shoot closes next Sunday evening at 9:00 PM ET. So you have until that time to get your photo, upload it to your blog, journal or website, and comeback here with the link. Please remember, the link you leave must be a link which goes back to an entry specific to this week's photo shoot assignment, and you are responsible for it's accuracy. Please double check it. NO HYPERLINKS ARE ACCEPTED. Also, please include a link to the Monday Photo Shoot in your entry so your readers will be able to find the assignment and join us for the fun.

Linking List for EMPS#87: Lamps 04/26/10


1. Jama

2. Suzanne

3. Greg

4. Carolyn

5. Mike

6. Nesa

7. Wammy

8. Karen (submitted by email)

Thank you for playing this week! See you next Monday with an all new assignment!



Jama said...

I never think about an upside down cup, so creative! Just upload mine hope you like them :

Spiderdama said...

Found it right here outside my office.
Have a great week:-)

Suzanne R said...

Just posted my upside-down stuff.

Have a good evening!

Greg said...

Here you go Carly.


fredamans said...

I totally found an upside down photo. Lucky.

Mike said...

I'm up(side down). :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

A corroded toy car, an old sink and Cayenne's belly are among this week's MotW exhibits!