Monday, October 13, 2008

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #7: Furniture

"Arguments with furniture are rarely productive."

-Kehlog Albran


We had a wonderful turnout this week! Thanks so much for playing, I was so pleased you enjoyed the subject that much! Visiting all of your blogs and journals was just what I needed, good therapy indeed. Today, Alan and I are celebrating our 18th anniversary! So, I am taking a few more days off, but I will be back to regular posting later this week. Look for me on Wednesday.

Now, on to a new subject...

EMPS #7: Furniture.
Ahhh... is there anything better after a long, difficult day then to come home and sink into a favorite couch or chair? It's one of the best comforts ever! So, for this week, lets pay tribute to the comfy, well worn, furniture in our lives! Do you have a favorite chair, either indoor or out, that you love to escape to when you want to read a good book? Does your hubby have one of those old tacky... um... well lived in ... recliners only a guy could love? I know, you have a nifty orange futon that was well loved. Or how about a bean bag chair left over from the 70's, or a Barcalounger you may have won on Let's Make A Deal? Well this is your chance to show it off! Show me your favorite piece of comfy, cozy FURNITURE!

Extra Credit:
It would be just nifty, if the furniture in question, has a few dents, bruises, or misplaced stuffing! That would mean it was loved, and has served you well. :)

**You have until next Sunday evening, at 9:00 PM, to submit your EMPS entry. After you post your entry, comeback here and leave me the link to that specific entry. And don't forget to link back to this entry on your journal or blog so other folks can play along as well!

Linking List for EMPS #6: Fences And Whats Behind Them 10/06/08


Wammy was the first to play, and shows us a display of beautiful quilts along a brown fence.

Judi joined us for the first time this week, and showed us a fence covered in snow.
Welcome Judi!

Gina also joined us for the first time, and displayed a series of fence photos, one of which held in a Giraffe! Welcome to you as well, m'dear!

Karen shows us the fence at Miko's Corner Playground! A great park for doggies!

Marie showed us a wonderfully rustic barn, during different times of year, which sits behind a fence in Old Bethpage Village, Long Island, New York.

Vicki attended a wedding on Lake Erie, and behind a fence at the reception, was a romantic sunset!

Jama found something absolutely creepy behind a fence! EEEEEKKKK! Perfect for the month of October!

Martha photographed a walkway between two fences that separate two tennis courts. I felt like I could just walk into the picture! It's seems to go on forever!

Connie introduced us to Chance, a Border Collie, who like to chase wild turkeys, bark at the deer, and run like the wind! He takes a mighty handsome photo while posing next to a fence. :)

Mary shows a sunset that seems to be held in by, you guessed it, a fence! :) Neat photo!

Vicki, also a new player and friend, photographed a fence line in Sandy Hook National Park. A peaceful place to be sure! Welcome Vicki!

Tammy has a natural colored picket fence in her garden, and behind it you will find some lovely spring bloom, and someone very, very special!

Nancy shows us a series of different kinds of fences, some with horses behind them, some with a puppy dog behind them, and one with a shadow waving hello! Hi Nance! :)

Laura has a happy little Scuba Duck that sits on her fence, and protects the yard. Good job Scuba Duck!

Kiva found some gorgeous roses, and a couple palm trees behind two different types of white fences. Excellent!

Ok, you know what to do! GO BE PHOTOGRAPHERS and GO GET THE PICTURE! See you in one week!



Jama said...

It's done!

Tammy said...

I don't think I have a chair quite that worn, but I'll look around. lol

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you two! You need a little love time right now. I hope you guys enjoy your celebration, while your hearts begin to heal. HUG

emmapeelDallas said...

I agree with Tammy, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

And my favorite piece of furniture in my house is my bed...which I've photographed and described a little here:


Laura said...

my favorite spot and back by popular demand is scuba-duck!

Martha said...

I finally posted the Monday photo shoot on a Monday - and then forgot to come leave my link!
Here ya go...

Martha said...

Almost forgot - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Hey, Carly!

I hope your anniversary went well, with a nice relaxing dinner for two.

Our most loved piece of furniture is also the newest, but I also photographed two vintage pieces that we hope to fix up someday, somehow.

Julia said...

Here's my favorite rocker.

Steven said...

I'm in!

Happy Anniversary!

Wammy said...



Tammy said...

My Recliner is up!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Carly, Have a great week..hope you get "lucky" at Reno! :)
Far Side of Fifty Photos
It is up!