Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekend Assignment #312: Write A Culinary Review

"The only time to eat diet food, is while you are waiting for the steak to cook."

-Julia Child


Weekend Assignment #312: Write A Culinary Review.
Your reviews can be about a favorite restaurant, or a specific item on a menu. Packaged foods, or something you created yourself. It's all up to you. Your take on it can be positive or negative, hey, it's your opinion! :)

Extra Credit: Write one paragraph about the WORST thing you have ever eaten.

If you haven't participated in the Weekend Assignment before, please take a moment to review our guidelines for participation...

1. Please post your entry no later than next Wednesday evening at 9:00 PM ET. I will be closing the assignment at that time, and no additional links will be accepted after that time.

2. Please provide a link back to the assignment. Feel free to display the logo below, along with the link, so other folks can find the assignment and participate along with us.

3. Don't forget to comeback here with the link to your entry.

4. If you can, please be sure to visit your fellow participants. Let's encourage each other!

5. Please encourage your readers to join us. The more the merrier... right?

Linking List for Weekend Assignment #311: Cheese It!
(Posted at Outpost Mavarin)

1. Karen (Original Assignment Entry)

2. Sherrie

3. Florinda

4. Carly

5. Paul

See you in two weeks!



fredamans said...

Hey Carly,

I won't join this meme this week, since I have a food blog. Maybe you'd like to check it out??

My least favorite food is LIVER AND ONIONS. Yuck!

Florinda said...

I reviewed my birthday dinner. It was yummy :D.

Carly said...

Here's mine...


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Mine is also a birthday meal.